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is also a real● estate investo●r. Shares in h

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Hong Kong?/a>

s, rel●eased on Mo●nday, the comp●any said net pr○ofits rose 111 pe?/p>

鰎cent year-●on-yea

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r in the first〓 nine months to 1.5●9 billion yu〓an (about 227● milli

on U.S.◆ dollars).

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Gros○s profit increased 2●8 percent to〓 3.57 billion y〓uan while ope◆rating revenue hi○t 36.4 billion yuan,● up 20 perc■

ent, the company sai■d. Foreign brands ●win bid in Chin●a rural househo○ld applian●ce projectChina is o〓ne of the worl◆d's leading prod●ucers and exporte〓rs of home applia●nces. But many

in th◆e country still do n○ot earn enough 〓to buy these produc●ts outright.○ But a joint policy ○by the Mini●stries of Commerce a■nd Finance i●s offering subsidies〓 to farmers, t●o

make it possible● for them to buy ●what they n●eed. With an ID,〓 a savings accoun●t and a re

ceipt pro◆ving you have ◆bought a home app〓liance, farmers in〓 certain regions c●an get a 13◆ percent reimbursem

〓ent from local f○inancial authoriti●es. That's t●he result of a● policy agreed

on◆ by the Ministr

Urgent Needs

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●y of Commerce a〓nd the Mini〓stry of Finance. A●nd farmers h●ave found this a big◆ help, wit○h many splashing〓 out on new televi○sions in order to〓 watch the O■lympics. Bai pe

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ng, ■farmer of H○enan province, sa◆id, "I bought a ◆new TV w

it●h 900 yuan a■nd the governmen●t gave me a sub●sidy of more than■ 100 yuan. I am real●ly glad."In fact, so〓me

manufacturers a○re even offerin●g products ●specially desig〓ned to sui●t this

cate●gory of consumers. 〓Kong cheng, sales ◆manager of Haier ●in Zibo, said, "W◆e designed


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